Andy [ADOPTED MARCH 6] came into rescue because of a divorce. His former owner was forced to move into a one room apartment and there was no place for Andy. She had found Andy by the side of the road just a few months before. Her veterinarian estimated him to be just over one year old. Andy is a big Cocker and will probably weigh about 35 lbs at maturity. He is a bit of a submissive wetter but probably will overcome this when in a more stable environment. He likes children and thinks that cats are just fine. He loved his previous doggy companions. He can be protective of both his food and toys, so would not be a good dog for a home with small children. Andy is housetrained but did have had access to a doggy door 24/7 . He will also need to have supervision as he is still at the age where he might chew. Andy is crate trained.