Casper [ADOPTED DECEMBER 11] is a 1-2 year old silver buff male. He is a bigger Cocker and will weigh about 30 lbs at maturity. Casper came to us from an inner city shelter where he came in as a stray. Although he is field coated, he was terribly matted. He looked like he had ear muffs. We were forced to shave his ears to the skin. Casper has a full tail so when his ears fill in , he will look like a golden retriever puppy. He loves to play and is very active. Balls are pretty much his favorite thing but as you can see from his picture a beat up toy will do. He is crate trained but will probably need some work on his housetraining. Casper cannot go to a home with cats.

Update from Caper's Foster Family Casper is a very active dog and seems to still have a lot of puppy in him. He likes to play and chew on your hands, but sometimes gets a little carried away. For that reason I am recommending a home without small children for him. He will chew on things like Kleenix that are left within his reach. He almost always has either a toy in his mouth, or is chewing on a rawhide. He loves to have his belly rubbed and loves to give kisses. He does not like having his feet or legs combed, so his forever family will have to continue to work with him to overcome that. He has a lot of energy and loves to run around in the back yard looking for squirrels, rabbits or anything else that has wandered in. He has a high prey drive, so is best placed in a home without other small animals. He does settle down at night and will either sit on my lap while I'm watching TV or open his crate door and go in a lie down. Yes, he can open his crate door if it's not latched. He does know how to use a doggy door. He is very smart and very eager to please!! I have been doing some basic training with him, so he knows Sit, Shake, High-five, Off, Lie down (sometimes), and can catch treats. He would benefit from some formal training with his new family, tho. I think he would do great in agility or fly-ball since he has so much energy and is a great jumper.