Chico [ADOPTED JUNE 22] is a 2 year old chocolate neutered male with some tan markings. He is up to date on his vaccines and looking for a new home. In his former home, he was beat up on by the Golden Retriever and other dogs who lived with him. Therefore, he is shy and reserved. He is looking for a calm home, preferably with a fenced yard, where someone will take the time to reassure him and increase his confidence. He is afraid of almost everything and every one until he gets to know them. Once he is sure of a person he is all kisses and love. He would prefer a house with another dog who will be his friend. He is crate trained and good with housetraining unless left unattended. He relies on his crate for security and safety. He prefers a fenced yard to do his duty otherwise he will wait up to 24 hours to urinate if he must be walked on a leash. He plays with toys and loves to be with his family. He was good for grooming and lavished kisses on his groomer. He likes to sleep at the foot of the bed, but will also sleep in his crate. He is very shy in new situations, but should overcome this with time and lots of TLC. He is a wonderful dog looking for a home where someone will take the time to overcome his fears and the treatment he has suffered the past 2 years.