About three years ago I first met Coco. [ADOPTED JULY 9] I picked him up at a Wisconsin shelter. I immediately knew he was a very special dog. Coco was seven years old at the time. I found a wonderful home for him with a gentleman who absolutely adored him. I received many a phone call from his new owner. This was a match made in heaven. Coco developed some allergies. Unfortunately the veterinarian used by this gentleman was not aware of the relationship between diet, ear infections and allergies. Coco developed serious ear infections and is now deaf. He finally was seen by a vet who understood his needs and Coco is otherwise doing fine. Sadly Coco's new owner passed away. At the age of ten he is now looking for a home. Coco still has a spring in his step and will play with a ball. I am glad that SCR was here for Coco. We make a lifetime commitment to these dogs. I could not look my own dogs in the eye if we did not.