Freckles [ADOPTED OCTOBER 1] is a one year old field coated male who came from an inner city shelter where he was taken as a stray. He is extremely thin but is a very happy little guy who loves to run and play. Freckles is crate trained and but will probably need some work on housetraining. He is all puppy so he would benefit from some obedience training.

Message from Freckles' New Family: Hi there -- just wanted to update Freckles 051(now named Clancy). Clancy is an amazing little guy -- he has learned his name (almost immediately) and to sit, stay (most of the time), shake, high-5 (in his case it really is high-5, his dew claws were never removed!), off, and is working on lie down and staying out of the kitchen, a habit his brothers know and don't quite understand that he doesn't! He is almost 100% housetrained, and only slips up if he holds it too long which he sometimes does because he doesn't want to miss anything exciting. He got used to the dog door in no time and loves to run in and out to say hello to us when we come home! He was not into the crate at all, being a totally people dog, and promised to be extra good if he just didn't have to go in there please!!! He rides in the car very well, just curls up like his brothers and waits for whereever we are going to arrive!

His new brothers are Tierney, age 15 (left) and Buckley, age 5, (middle). He is a real mamma's boy, but he also loves his papa and going for rides with him. He is very curious and wants to know about everything -- including helping Papa build the fire in the fireplace. He has a whole basket of toys and shares pretty well with brother Buckley. He loves his walks on the beach at Lake Superior where he tries to catch the waves with his mouth, and he comes immediately when called. He is a very good boy and just wants to please, he even likes his baths and being groomed. He is all puppy -- huggy and floppy and playful. He had obviously never seen snow before and was a little afraid of it to begin with, but now he just runs and runs in it!

We are totally in love with Clancy and thank Shorewood for bringing us together -- we will see you all at the next Wigglebutt Walk!