Heidi and Nicki 051

Heidi came to us with her best friend Nicki. [ADOPTED JUNE 14] Their story is a sad one. They were owned by a woman and her daughter. A few weeks ago both were killed in a tragic accident leaving Nicki and Heidi with no place to go. Heidi is the older at five years and Nicki is four. Heidi has a slight paralysis on one side of her face. It does not seem to bother her in the least. She loves to retrieve and just is an all around happy girl. Nicki's idea of retrieving is to follow along after Heidi. The dogs have been left outside but now are doing well on their houstraining. They are both crate trained. Nicki and Heidi are quite bonded and it is the request of the family that they be placed together. The two girls love to run and play so it would best for them to go to a home with a fenced yard.