Jax [ADOPTED JANUARY 22] is a light buff colored, field coated, 5-6 month old Cocker puppy with an undocked tail. He was dumped at a Chicagoland Animal Control when the owners decided they no longer wanted him. He is just cute as a button and loves to play. He is submissive to all of the older dogs, is crate trained and working on his house training skills. He still squats to urinate, so house training should not be quite as messy. He has just received his final set of shots, has been microchipped, heart worm tested and neutered. His favorite game is to help with laundry. He stands on the dryer door and tries to catch the socks or some other small article of clothing as you are throwing them in the dryer. Once he gets one, the chase and tug of war is on. Luckily he is partial to socks and does no damage to these. He gives up easily, he's just into the game for sport. He still has his puppy teeth and loves to chew rawhide chips. His adult teeth are just at the surface and should be coming in soon. He is looking for an active family who is willing to train him and possibly have another dog for him to play with.