Karl [ADOPTED JUNE 25] is a light buff male Cocker, approximately 3 years old, who was found wandering the streets of Chicago. He was severely matted and is very under weight. He is a love of a boy though!! He is crate trained and we are currently assessing his housetraining. We are also working on putting weight on him. He loves balls of all types, but tennis balls are his favorite. He will bring ball after ball to you so that you can play with him. He is fine with cats and birds, but we have yet to assess him with small children. His foster home thinks he would be okay with children 10 and up. He does have an underbite and a few too many teeth, so he has a unique smile. He is adorable though, good for grooming and gave kisses the entire time he was being worked on. He was recently neutered, heartworm tested and current on his vaccinations. He is looking for a home who will fatten him up to a good weight - probably another 5-8 pounds. A soft bed to curl up in would be a bonus for Karl.