Odin [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 19] is an active 18 month old red and white pup. He was surrendered to Animal Control in Chicago due to "lack of time". He came into rescue with a severe upper respiratory infection and due to the length of time he was sick, he has lost weight and his coat is in poor condition. He will be a field coated boy and should have a very pretty coat once he sheds his current one. It will take a while for his ear fringes to grow back in as they were severely matted and had to be shaved off. He loves to play with other dogs and is in need of some work on obedience and housetraining. He does go out and potty, but needs to be taken out frequently and praised when he does go. He is accustomed to being crated and is good in the crate. He is looking for an active family to spend the rest of his years with. One who will have time to care for him and train him properly.