Rosa [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 22] is a 4-5 year old female who came to us from a commercial breeder. She has spent most of her life in a cage with little human contact or exercise. Even so, Rosa is very loving and enjoys human contact. She also does well with other dogs. She discovered a cat yesterday and barked at it, so we are not sure how well she will do with cats. You see our sweet Rosa is blind. She is crate trained and doing very well on her housetraining. Blind dogs do extremely well because of their keen sense of hearing and smell. After a few weeks in your home you will forget they even have a handicap. I know Rosa does not think she has one.

Update: When Rosa came to rescue her eyes were so badly infected she could hardly open them. Although she could not see, we treated her eyes because they must have been painful. We started to have the feeling that little Rosa was starting to see. Last week she started to show an interest in toys. In fact she is VERY interested in toys and spends most of her time carrying them around. It was decided it was time for Rosa to visit the opthamologist. YES!!!!! Rosa has regained some of her vision. She will need drops in her eyes for the rest of her life and probably will never pass a drivers test, but a whole new world has opened up for this little girl.