Sam Anthony051

Sam Anthony [ADOPTED OCTOBER 22] is a 9 year old male who came back into resue when his owner passed away. Sam had a wonderful loving home but when his owner became ill he could not give Sam the care he needed. When he was returned to the rescue, he had a large ulcer on one eye. We managed to clear up the ulcer but we noticed that he had some pain in that eye. He again visited the opthamoligist and this time was diagnosed with early stage glaucoma. A decision was made to remove the eye and insert a prosthetic. He is still his handsome self and does fine with one eye. Those who attended our 2nd annual Wigglebutt Walk witnessed Sam running the lure course with great vigor. There was no slowing him down. He insisted on running the course three times. Sam will need drops in both his false eye and his normal eye for the rest of his life. The love he will give more than compensates for the cost.