Snoopy [ADOPTED JULY 15] is a 19 month old male who was left in the care of a neighbor when his owners moved. The neighbor has a daughter with allergies so they knew they could not keep Snoopy. When the owner failed to return for Snoopy, the family contacted rescue. He is a very sweet boy but is a bit of a Velcro dog. He wants to be with his people constantly. No matter where you walk, Snoopy will be there. He is housetrained and crate trained but complains a bit when first put in his crate. He has been around children. He is said to be protective of his food and toys. Snoopy is likely to chase cats but gets along well with other dogs. He is a long legged Cocker which causes one to forget how young he is. He has many puppy like ways and would benefit from obedience training.

Update from Snoopy's new family (4/22/06): "I am very happy to report that Snoopy passed his therapy dog test today so as soon as I get all the paperwork done, he can start his work as an official therapy dog. He has already been going to adult day care and the nursing home with Freckles and does very well."

Wow, way to go Snoopy!!