Sundance [ADOPTED MARCH 5] is a 4 year old male who was surrendered along with his friend Baby. They both obviously enjoyed the same diet. Sundance is about 10-15 lb overweight. He is a very nice dog but could definitely use some obedience training. He enjoys chasing cats along with Baby, but possibly if separated , he would find better ways to spend his time. He is housetrained but is vocal if crated so he would do better in a home where his family did not feel the need to crate him. It is important that any potential adoptive family take his weight problem seriously. He would be a much happier dog if he didn't have to lug all that extra weight around.

Update from his Foster Mom: Sundance is doing great at his new foster home. He is happy to report that he has lost a lot of weight and feels so much better! That dieting has really paid off!! He loves going for walks and is playful with other dogs. He is crated during the day and does fine but if you are home and he cannot be with you, he will then bark. Sundance is loyal and loves to cuddle with you but is also happy to lay at your feet. He is a very sweet boy!