Suzy Snowflake051

Suzy Snowflake [ADOPTED MARCH 20], dressed in her snow white gown, is a very special Cocker as she was found in the medical department at Chicago Animal Care and Control by one of our volunteers. She was listed as a poodle who had been hit by a car. One look at that face and ears and our volunteer was convinced this was one special white with light buff, curly coated Cocker or a cock-a-poo, and whichever she was, she needed our help! Fractured pelvis and all, Suzy was standing in her cage with her butt a wiggling. Out of Animal Control and to the vet she went. It was confirmed that she had at least two pelvic fractures, but as she was able to get around, and crate rest would do nicely to allow her to heal.

One month later, she went in for another x-ray where it was discovered that she had at least 3 fractures. The two above her hip sockets were calcifying and fusing closed, now she just needed another month or so to allow the base of her pelvis to heal. That is where we are now. Suzy is two months into her crate rest and continues to do well. She is crate trained and should be easily housetrained. She is a joy to be around as she loves life and lives to play. She is approximately a year old. Once she is healed, she will be spayed, updated on her vaccines and microchipped. She would make a wonderful addition to any family. Suzy is looking for a home with a large fenced in yard and possibly another dog or child to play with.