Babe [ADOPTED OCTOBER 25] is a small 4 - 5 year old Blue/Merle female Cocker with striking blue eyes. She came from a commerical breeding facility and is a bit shy. She is crated trained but having spent her entire life in one, wants to be where her person is when they are home. She follows her foster mom everywhere she goes, so can be underfoot. She does prefer to be in her crate when home alone and will go right in it. Dogs do view their crates as a safe and secure place for them. Her foster mom reports that Babe is doing very well on her housetraining. Babe is experiencing a brand new type of life and is looking for a new owner who will be patient and understanding with her. She's not showing interest in toys or rawhides yet, but these are things that are totally new to her. As she comes out of her shell a bit, you'll see what a sweet little girl she really is. Attending an obedience class or canine good citizenship class in the near future would really be a great benefit for her.

Update from Babe's Foster Mom: Wanted to provide an update on Babe. She's doing pretty good on her housetraining but has had some accidents at night. She does know how to use the doggy door and is starting to go outside on her own. This is a big step for her and proves that she is gaining some confidence. She's been sleeping in bed with me or on the floor by my bed. Upon waking in the morning, she likes to lay back and get her belly rubbed to start her day off. Then seems to get a burst of energy after going outside and eating her breakfast and races up and down the hallway several times. Maybe her idea of exercise and working off her breakfast? Such a character!

Not sure why but she seems to be leery of men. She also is initially afraid of strangers but if you are petting another dog, she will push her way to the front to make sure that she gets her share of the attention. Typical of a mill dog, she will eat anything and as much as you will give her, so her new family will need to monitor what she is given to eat to keep her in her healthy state. She does get along with other dogs and would do fine either as an only dog or in a mulitple dog home. Babe will need to be shown a bit of patience at the beginning but once she settles in and adjusts will be a wonderful companion. This little girl just needs someone to show her the love that she just never knew prior to rescue.