Barbie is a doll. [ADOPTED JUNE 6th] She is a 4-5 year old female who was being held the required 7 days before euthanasia. We were notified of her plight by a caring animal control officer. The county had no humane society so all animals were held at a local vet clinic and then put to sleep. It is hard to believe that this sweet little girl would ever meet such a fate. She was full of ticks and her coat was a bit overgrown but one could not help but think this little girl was owned and loved by someone. Barbie is housetrained and very good with other animals. Her one problem is that she is dangerously obese. She was immediately put on a diet . She is starting to want to join the other Cockers in play but needless to say she tires easily. Anyone who chooses to adopt Barbie must commit to keeping her on a strict diet. She will be a beautiful dog when she gets her weight under control.