Brady [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 1] is a 5 year old red roan male who is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and neutered. Brady is originally from a commercial breeding facility. So far Brady appears to be housebroken, but we are monitoring him closely. Brady is good with cats and will ignore them even if they sit on top of his crate! Brady seems to get along well with the other Cocker in his foster home, but is reportedly possessive with food. We have been feeding him in his crate and have not seen this behavior. Brady is very shy and is slow to warm-up to new situations. Brady will now initiate contact with his foster mom and will wag his tail when he sees her. This is a big step for a shy dog. Brady would do best in a home without small children and in a low key home with maybe only 1 other dog. He is thriving in foster care. Brady will sit for a treat but would like to take some obedience classes to help with his socialization.

Update from Brady's foster home 9/05: Brady is doing well in foster care. Brady will growl if another dog comes by him while he's eating or chewing on rawhide, but doesn't do anything besides growl. This is a correctable behavior. He will allow people to take away food or bones without growling at them. We believe Brady is ready for a home of his own now. He's become a much loved dog in foster care and loves to go for long walks. He's even good in the car and will jump in on his own. Yes, Brady is shy, but he loves to follow his foster mom all over the house. Once he's in a loving home for a month or two and adjusts, no one will remember that he is shy.