This is Callie [ADOPTED DECEMBER 5]. She came to rescue extremely shy from a breeding operation. She gets along well with other dogs and is much more outgoing when interacting with other dogs. She has come a long way but is still a bit shy when it comes to humans. Callie will need an owner who is patient and understanding with her to help her really come out of her shell and totally overcome her shyness. So many things are new to her. She is crate trained and doing well in her housetraining but will need an owner who will continue to work with her, and be diligent about keeping her ears clean. She does sit for a treat, but isnít showing any interest in toys yet. Her favorite thing is snuggling in bed at night where she rolls right over to have her belly scratched. Callie is 4 years old and will really blossom with a little time in a loving, nurturing home.