Candy [ADOPTED DECEMBER 1] is a very striking young field coated female who came to us from an Animal Control facility. She is estimated to be slightly over one year old. Animal Control certainly expected someone to claim this sweet little girl. She was very clean and in good shape. Her coat is a brilliant red and white which is difficult to capture in a picture. Her ears were matted but this was probably due to her being on the run for a few days. No one claimed her so she was turned over to rescue. Much to our surprise, she is housetrained. She does not like to be crated and is pretty vocal about it. She does settle down after about 15 minutes. She seems to be somewhat fearful of a crate. Candy loves the other dogs but does not like cats. The same seems to be true of toy breeds. She probably views them as prey. Candy would probably do best with an experienced dog owner. She has normal puppy energy but is not in any way hyper.