CoCo [ADPOPTED DECEMBER 14] is a 5-6 year old female who came to us from another rescue. She is a tiny Cocker weighing under 20 lbs. She was evidently a breeder dog in a puppy mill. It soon became obvious that her vision was impaired and she was deaf. We worked on housetraining her and as long as she is taken out often enough she does fine. For a long period CoCo was very stoic and showed no emotion at all. We wondered if she would ever be a dog that would find a home. There were days when she seemed to have some sort of digestive disorder. A decision was made to put CoCo on a raw diet. Within a week our Coco was a new dog. She has gained energy and her little stub of a tail is wagging vigorously. She now wants to jump on the couch and lay in our arms. Needless to say, we will insist that CoCo go to a home where she will be fed a raw diet. With the number of commercial raw products on the market today, that should not be a problem.