Daisy [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 23] is a 5 year old female who originally came to us from a breeder. She was adopted but was returned to rescue after she injured her back. We took her to our vet and it was her opinion that the dog might have fallen from a couch or another high place. We have allowed her to heal and she is now doing fine. Daisy can be a bit feisty like so many female Cockers so it would be best if she does not go to a home with another female Cocker. If Daisy is placed in a multiple dog home, it must be with a family that understands the role a human needs to play with multiple dogs. Daisy has been in two foster homes with cats and does fine with them. Daisy is a tiny Cocker and is both crate trained and housetrained. We will not consider a home with children under 14 for Daisy. Children have a tendency to want to pick up a small dog. We do not want to risk having her dropped and reinjuring herself.