Dolly [ADOPTED JULY 29] is a 4-5 year old female who has some show breeding behind her. She was found at a rural dog pound with only a note saying that her name was Dolly. Although she was microchippped the shelter could not locate her owner. We have learned that her registered name is Delsey Jo. Things were not looking good for Dolly. The pound which does very few adoptions and normally only holds a dog for 7 days thought such a beautiful dog would find a home. Dolly's coat although extremely matted showed signs that she had known better days. She was a beautiful silver buff with the full coat of a show dog. In an effort to find her a home the shelter groomed her but it was to no avail. (Unfortunately this involved shaving off her beautiful coat.) No one stepped up to give her a home. Shorewood Cocker Rescue had been contacted by a number of Cocker owners and rescue people concerned about Dolly's welfare. We offered to take her but heard nothing. Finally the call came. Dolly would be coming to Wisconsin. Two of our wonderful rescue friends would be picking her up and driving many miles to meet us.

Dolly is a sweet girl that does well with other dogs and cats but can be a bit of a princess. For that reason she would probably not do well in a home with a dominant female. She appears to be both housetrained and crate trained but as is the case with any dog she will need a refresher course in a new home. She likes to play ball which is a good thing, since she is a bit chubby. Dolly should go to a home where the family is willing to maintain a dog with a lot of coat. In a month or so Dolly's coat will be growing back and she will need regular brushing and grooming.