Duchess [ADOPTED AUGUST 16] is an 8 year old female who was surrendered because of her family's changing lifestyle. She was being left alone for twelve hours a day and was starting to have housebreaking accidents. This has been a difficult period for Duchess since this was the only family she had ever known. She has done well as far as housetraining since she has been in rescue. She is a bit shy with the other dogs so probably would do best in a single dog household. Duchess was shaved down when she came to rescue so it will be awhile before she will look her best. She is a small cocker under 20 lbs. Duchess is just starting to come out of her shell so it probably will be a few weeks before we really know her.

Update from Duchess' Foster Home:

Duchess is doing very well. She recently went in for some grooming and she is now showing off her new red ribbons and a fancy haircut. She is such a sweet little dog. She is infatuated with the squirrels on the deck and makes sure they know she is here. She loves to see my tropical birds first thing in the morning and as soon as she hears a peep out of one of them she takes her stand by the door and waits for me to open it and wake them up. She gets along very well with the other dogs and cats. I have had no problems with her since she came and have had only one accident since she has been here. She would make an ideal companion for an older person. She does not climb on the furniture and only comes in my lap when I call her up and then she only stays for a minute or so. The rest of the time she finds a spot close to me where she can sleep on the floor. Its going to be hard to let her go.