Hershey [ADOPTED DECEMBER 13] is a 2 year old, chocolate male who is very puppy like. He loves to play and run and generally needs to know everything you are doing. He gets along fine with other dogs and cats but sometimes will get in bit of trouble with them because of his inquisitive nature. Hes a very smart boy and will back off quickly when they indicate that hes violated their space. Hershey is working hard on his housetraining and is fine in his crate overnight. His forever family will need to continue working with him on his housetraining and provide a reminder of what hes outside to do. Like a young child, he gets so busy playing that he can forget to go potty. Hershey has had some problems with his ears, so his new family will need to be diligent about cleaning his ears on a weekly basis. Like so many of the dogs we get, it was necessary to shave him down and his hair is coming back now. Hes going to have a very striking coat and has the most beautiful eyes! This little guy is a real love.