JoJo [ADOPTED OCTOBER 22] came to us as a private surrender and is a 2 to 3 year old chocolate female. She was surrendered because of housetraining issues. JoJo will continue to need positive reinforcement in this area -- A owner who will go outside with her, praise her for going potty outside and a little treat would also help her understand that going potty outside makes her a good girl. JoJo has a wonderful temperament and gets along with other dogs and cats. JoJo does have cataracts and we are looking into the cost of surgery to have these corrected. This surgery is expensive and itís one of the reasons why we have the Wigglebutt Walk to help raise money for dogs like JoJo who need extra medical attention. JoJo can see, likes to be close to her people and loves to sit on laps.

UPDATE: JoJo is scheduled for the surgery to have her catracts corrected. Good Luck sweet little girl!