Koby [ADOPTED JANUARY 6] is a four year old male who was surrendered by his family for health reasons. Koby has mild seizures and is on phenobarb once a day. We feel that if Koby is kept on a high quality diet there is a possibility that he eventually may not need the phenobarb. We would recommend that Koby's new family use a holistic vet if at all possible. He reacts to some drugs and chemicals in dog food. We feel that a Holistic vet would best understand his condition. He is a happy dog who loves to play outside. He has a very good temperament and should be fine with older children. Koby barks at cats so he should probably not be placed in a home with them. He needs work on his manners as he loves to steal food off the counters and the table. Koby is both housetrained and crate trained.