Lady [ADOPTED JANUARY 28] is a 3-4 year old buff female who literally was on death row. Another rescue was contacted by a rural shelter. The shelter stated that they had no choice but to euthanize Lady because their adopters only want puppies. The other rescue was full but as is the case in the rescue community, they contacted other rescues including SCR. When we saw the pictures of Lady and an elderly Cocker now called William we couldn't turn them down. William will need some TLC before he will be available for adoption but Lady will be ready to go after her spay on 1/20. Lady thinks humans and cats are great but she does not like big dogs. She is crate trained and we are evaluating her housetraining. Lady is field coated so will require little grooming. She has a long tail which wags continually. Lady's rescue was the result of many people working together to get this dog to Wisconsin.