Lulu [ADOPTED AUGUST 20] is a 4-5 year old black female with a white chest who came from a commercial breeding facility. She likes to have a bath, doesn't mind the clipper and is a good traveler. Lulu is crate trained and working on her house training. Lulu appears as though she was definitely used as a breeder as she appears to have had quite a few litters of puppies. Thanks to Jan D. who spent many hours on the road to get her into our Rescue. Lulu is working on taking off a few lbs. (aren't we all) and is a sweet gal.

Update from Lulu's Foster Home:

Lulu is coming along nicely with her housetraining and loves to go for walks outside and play in the fenced in yard. She is very gentle with everyone she meets but will try to be an "attention hog" and will nose her way to the front of the line when it's time for pettting and loving. She loves to play, and gets extremely excited when she hears a toy squeak. She appears to have lost a few pounds too!