Maggie [ADOPTED JUNE 25] will be 3 in July and is a pretty reddish color. Maggie was surrendered by her breeder as she retired her from her breeding operation. Maggie is house trained, will let you know if she wants to go out and does knows all about doggy doors. She is a very smart, sweet and obedient dog who has been raised with cats, dogs and children. Maggie adores her people and loves to follow them around, prefers to stay pretty close to them. She is looking for a home where someone is home most of the time, as she loves her people so much that she does cry if they leave and she's left behind. However, she hasn't been destructive when left alone. She's also looking for a home where she will be allowed to continue sleeping in the human bed, as this is something that she has always done.

Maggie is leery of having her muzzle clipped and we've been working with her on that. She is more comfortable with a small personal clippers like guys use to trim mustaches and sideburns being used in that area. She is such a good girl and doesn't get into anything so there is no need to crate her. She loves toys and tennis balls and will bring the ball back to you so you can throw it again. Maggie loves going in the car and is an excellent traveler.