This is Marty [ADOPTED MAY 17] We had not intended to take his picture today but he insisted. As we photographed the other dogs Marty kept getting in the picture so I guess he feels he is ready for the website. Marty was abandoned by the side of the road. The area was near a place that formerly was an animal shelter but it had long since closed. The Animal Control officer spotted him and thought he was dead. He did not stir when she came toward him. As she later found out Marty is deaf. He was in rough shape and for the first week or so in rescue, he didn't move around a lot. He is a wonderful dog who is totally housetrained. He does respond to some hand signals. His coat was in poor shape and he was found to need drops in his eyes daily. He is probably 7-8 years old. He is improving every day and with proper nutrition we know he will again be the handsome dog he once was.