Melon [ADOPTED MAY 25] is a 6 year old buff female who was surrendered by her owner, to a rural shelter with a very high kill rate. The person who surrendered this dog should have been charged with animal cruelty. The dog was so filthy, that the stench was overwhelming. She had one large cherry eye and infections in both eyes. It took two days to soak the debris from her eyes. Although she was fat, she was listless. We immediately shaved her down to remove the urine soaked mats. We treated her eyes with anti-biotics and did a surgery to remove the cherry eye. It was found that she did have a scratch on her cornea, probably because of all the debris. Her vision appears to be fine. She will need drops in her eyes; probably for the rest of her life. She was reported to be hard of hearing but she does appear to hear something. Melon has a wonderful temperament and everyday shows signs of becoming the dog we knew she could be. In the last week she has started to play a bit and has shown great skill at begging at the table. Melon is housetrained and crate trained.

SCR and Melon are very greatful to some of our fellow rescuers who drove many miles to be sure that Melon got to a safe place.