This is our little Miracle [ADOPTED OCTOBER 1]. She was born on June 1 in a pound in Illinois. She was the only pup in her litter and went to her foster home on the 5th day of her life. Miracle’s name reflects the fact that it’s a miracle that she’s alive. She has brought many laughs to her foster mom and her 13 year old neighbor who named her mom, Kelsie. Miracle has been a healthy puppy and is now ready to be adopted. She is a reddish color like her mom and has lighter hairs around her eyes. Miracle gets to play with the other dogs in her foster home and they are letting her know that it hurts when you bite! Miracle would greatly benefit from a puppy class. She is a typical puppy and will need plenty of safe things to chew on. She is working on her housetraining.

Some of her baby pics below.