Rocky [ADOPTED AUGUST 27] is a 7 to 8 month old male who came to us from a rural shelter. When he first arrived in rescue everything was new to him. He had obviously never seen a crate and probably not a house either. He will still bark a few minutes if you crate him while you are in a nearby room but he is accepting the fact that the crate is part of life. He now has the idea about crate training and is doing well on housetraining. He loves to be with his human so he can be underfoot quite a bit. Rocky's temperament is outstanding! We are looking for someone with dog experience who will be diligent in working on his housetraining.

Update from Rocky's Foster Mom

Rocky is a happy, funny puppy with puppy energy! Luckily he and Murphy (our Cocker) love to play so they both work off some of their energy. He likes to be with his people and is quite adept at jumping over the babygate when he feels like he needs to be somewhere else. He will go in his crate and sleeps there at night however he will be a bit dramatic when he doesn't feel like you are letting him out quick enough. He is getting the hang of housetraining and is doing much better. He's learned to sit for his supper and a cookie but will benefit from a basic obedience class. He's a sweet boy who loves to give kisses!