Sampson [ADOPTED JANUARY 14] is a 3-4 year old male who was turned into a shelter by his owners. They said they no longer could take care of him. This was probably the luckiest day of his life. From the looks of him it appears that he had never been groomed since birth. Sampson is a field coated dog who should have required minimal grooming. He has probably spent most of his life outside with little human interaction. He is now crate trained and is working on his housetraining. Sampson is learning basic commands and is starting to seek the approval of his human companions. He has a strong prey drive so absolutely cannot go to a home with cats or other small animals. He has a high energy level when outside but is now finding that staying in the house and sitting with the humans is nice too. We will keep working with Sampson. He will make someone a great pet.

Here are Sampson's before and after pictures -- he is feeling a lot better now after being groomed.