Snoopy [ADOPTED MARCH 26] is a Sable Cocker with a full tail. He was surrendered to an inner city shelter without any explanation. He is approximately 18 months old. His coat was badly matted and his ears were so matted that they stuck straight out. He was a bit on the thin side but though he obviously lacked care, his temperament never suffered. He is a wonderful loving dog, who just wants to please. He is crate trained but will need some work on his housetraining.

Update From Snoopy's Foster Home (3/06): Snoopy has settled into his foster home and is doing well. He really loves people and wants to be right next to his! He is especially fond of his foster dad but is affectionate with all people. Snoopy gets along well with other animals and is so very playful. He is doing well with his housetraining and loves his cuddle time. Snoopy is still very much a puppy and will need exercise. He would benefit from an obedience class as he loves to please. He knows his name and listens well. He actually walks pretty well on a lead and loves a car ride. Snoopy will make a wonderful companion and his eyes will melt anyone's heart.