Whitney [ADOPTED OCTOBER 15] is buff parti-color who is approximately 18 months old. When she came to us from an inner city shelter her ears were so matted that we were forced to shave them down. Since she is field coated and will not require much grooming, it is our guess that she was never groomed even once in her young life. She is so happy and loves to play with the other dogs in rescue. It's amazing how forgiving these animals can be. She is a sweet gentle girl who is crate trained and learned to use the doggie door in her foster home within hours. She appears to have met her first cat at the vet clinic. When she sniffed the vet clinic’s cat and got a slap across the face, she just got a puzzled look and walked away. Whitney loves life too much to worry about a crabby cat.

Again we need to thank our friends from Dobe rescue and some terrific people at the shelter who helped Whitney have a chance at life.