Zach [ADOPTED NOVERMER 7] is a buff male whose birthdate is 3/14/95. He is an older guy and has a lot of energy. Zach loves to be where the action is. He is quiet dog and would make a very good companion. He sleeps on his pillow at night and seems to stay in one place. Zach gets along with dogs and was raised with cats. He loves vegetables and fruits and doesn't show his age. He has been healthy his whole life. Zach is looking for a home where he can live out his life and love his master.

Update from Zach's foster Mom: Zach is doing very well in his foster home. He likes to go for walks and walks right along with you. He doesn't like to be crated but is doing well with free roam in the house. He does like to be let out during the day to go potty. Sometimes Zach barks to be let out and he always barks to let you know that he is ready to come back in. He is a very pleasent guy! He gets along with all dogs and also likes some quiet time by himself resting on his bed and chewing on his toys. Zack will let you know when he thinks it's time to eat by carrying his bowl around. He looks so cute doing it!