Hi! I'm Boomer [ADOPTED DECEMBER 15] and I am a black and tan cocker that came from a shelter in Southern Illinois as a stray. They think I am approximately 9 months old, and I am full of puppy energy and curiosity.

Here is what my foster mom says about me." Boomer is an adorable, snuggle bug of a puppy. He will need a home that understands that he is full of puppy charm, but also will need to learn his manners. He loves to chew, so safe items will need to be provided to keep your valuables safe from his teeth, and he will need further house training, though he is doing pretty well. You will need to go out and remind him what he is supposed to be doing, as he gets distracted easily and forgets to do his business. He is great with children and other dogs (not cat-tested - probably would do fine but may be a little rough). He is timid around men at first, so a little patience will win him over. His foster dad has shown him that he is okay, and he will snuggle with him now.

He does not like noises like an electric knife, blender, vacuum or grooming clippers; they are scary to him and he will bark at them to scare them away. He has only had a little bit of grooming, and will do fine once he gets past his concern over the noise. We are trying to teach him kisses instead of teeth, as he tends to jump and grab your clothing with his teeth to get your attention. He wants to please, loves attention and therefore should be a great candidate for some puppy and obedience classes to make him the perfect puppy for your home. He would really benefit from a playmate dog in the house as he loves to play, but most of his foster brothers are seniors and not very tolerant of all that puppy energy. He has learned to "kennel-up" and is working on sit and no. We have gotten very attached to Boomer, everyone who meets him is instantly charmed.