Della [ADOPTED OCTOBER 10] is an adorable 6 month old puppy. She is a tiny girl and will be small when full grown. She was purchased by a family on an impulse from a pet store. Della was on a discounted price because at the age of 5 months, she was getting old and not as desirable. This family purchased 2 puppies that day. Della was only in her new home for a few days when they experienced an electrical fire and her family is now living in a hotel and it will be several months before they will be able to return to their home. Della and the other puppy were boarded for 3 weeks before the decision was made that it would be in their best interest to find other homes for them.

Della is a very happy puppy and is all puppy. Playing and chewing as well as being loved on and cuddled is her world. She is currently being fostered with two other 6 month old puppies and would love to have another younger dog in her forever home. One who will play with her and be her companion. Della is a bit confused about going outside to go potty, but you have to remember what her life was like in that Pet Store. Kept in a small area 24/7 and not being taken outside to take care of business. She’s used to just going right there and then having to step in it or lay in it. Foster care has changed that for her and we are working very hard on housetraining. We have to go outside frequently, provide reminders of what she is out there to do, and sometimes we are out there for awhile before she does get down to taking care of business. Also have to make a big deal and praise her for being such a good girl and going potty outside. Her forever owner is going to have to be understanding and patient with her. She is doing pretty good on the housetraining but we do have some accidents. Just as with a human toddler, some days are better than others and she’s only been in rescue for a very short time now. So many changes for her and she’s learning so many things. She is making so much progress and will make a fabulous addition for some very lucky family. Her foster mom is in no hurry to let this little sweetheart go!!