Gladys [ADOPTED DECEMBER 6] is a very timid 2 year old female (DOB 10/5/05) who came to us by way of a Dog Auction several months ago. Gladys was petrified at the auction and almost dove off the table, and that is when our volunteers knew they needed to get her into rescue where she could learn to love. Our volunteers were bidding against several other people who probably wanted her to breed as she had litters previously of 8 Cockers. They had shaved her so short that her hair was shorter than that of a lab.

Once Gladys came into rescue she spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the green stuff was on the ground (grass) and why we were trying to teach her to walk on a leash. After 2 months we got her to walk on a leash and she does very well if she's with one of our other Cockers. Gladys is enjoying the snow and her newfound freedom, however still is very timid. She likes to sit in her crate with the door wide open and is still very scared of people. Gladys recently started taking toys out of the toy box when no one is looking and will pile them all in her crate. Gladys is housetrained, cratetrained, and is happy that her days of having puppies are over. All said and done, she has made a very nice transition to a life she should have always known.