Hilda [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 1] is a 5 year old red female who is originally from a commercial breeding facility. Hilda is crate and housetrained. Hilda was originally a very shy and scared girl, however once she is comfortable with her surroundings she is not shy at all! Hilda's tail wags pretty much 24 hours a day and she has been fun to watch as she figures out her personality. Hilda likes to gather things in the house and put them on a throw rug with her other "treasures." She hasn't hurt anything, but likes to round up the pretty pink and orange toys, and a couple of socks (she only likes the clean ones.) The look on Hilda's face when she finally jumped onto the bed was priceless. Her expression clearly read "look at me, I am awesome, I made it up here....finally!"

Hilda would do best in a home with someone who will be patient and not push her too hard in the beginning. If her home is patient, loving, and understanding, they will see just how fun this little princess is and how much love she has to give. Hilda's foster home will have a hard time parting with her as she is such a wonderful little girl.