Jesse [ADOPTED JANUARY 5] is preparing his list for Santa. At the top of his list is a much better owner!! His last just walked away after leaving him and a companion (a Pekinese) tied to a tree in the woods with no food or water. What a cruel fate for such a loyal and loving companion. A kind hearted stranger found the pair and turned them into a humane society. Jesse was extremely scared! His coat was in terrible condition and he had both eye and ear infections.

Jesse made his way to SCR and has received the medical care that he needed. We estimate him to be approximately 5 to 7 years old, but he acts a lot younger. He is completely housetrained and doesn't mind a crate. He loves latex toys and natural bones but can be a bit vocal if another dog gets too close to the bone that he's chewing on. It hasn't gone beyond vocal but supervision is being recommended with such treasures. He does get along well with other dogs. Jesse is a quiet, mellow guy who loves to cuddle and be near his humans. He would be a wonderful companion for any home.