Mazie [ADOPTED DECEMBER 15] came into rescue as a owner surrender. She is not quite two years old ( D.O.B. 2/3/06). Mazie was obviously the center of attention. She graduated from puppy kindergarten and spent many hours with her family learning tricks such as shake and fetch. She was fed premium dog food and was groomed frequently. Then the new baby came into the family and Mazie resented her terribly. Although she had always been fine with children, this was different. The baby was in her space. Her behavior toward the baby gave her family a reason for concern and it was felt that it would be best for everyone that Mazie be given up.

In the short time Mazie has been in rescue we have found that Mazie can be possessive of "her " people but not to an extreme. She is an active dog who likes to run and play. She is housetrained and can be crated but it is not her favorite thing. She is a typical Cocker in that she likes to take things like Kleenex and napkins. Mazie is a submissive wetter but I do feel this is something she will outgrow.