Murphy [ADOPTED MARCH 3] is a very sweet middle aged (guessing about 7 years old) male who has a beautiful silky coat. Murphy's new year's resolution is to lose a little weight and he hopes that his forever home will take him on walks and make sure he eats healthy. Murphy is a very mellow guy who gets along well with other dogs. Murphy is also housebroken and crate trained and very affectionate.

Update from Murphy's foster mom: Murphy loves to go on our daily walks and is now at perfect weight. He is just a bit barky and we are working on that one. Murphy is a pretty laid back type of boy and is very content sleeping on a dog pillow on the floor next to my side of the bed. He's so happy to see me return home and goes into puppy mode, bouncing all over and tossing toys up in air... Just too cute! We had company recently and their 9 year old daughter had a blast playing with Murphy and our two Cockers on the floor with all their toys. He is a sweetheart of a boy!