Sandy [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 22] is a senior girl and who came to us from a Wisconsin shelter after two failed placements in 6 months. This was certainly not through any fault of her own. The first home returned her because she barks. Yes, Sandy does bark if left in her crate when the rest of the family is obviously home. She wants to be with her humans when she can see them. The second family returned her because they obviously could not afford the care that is needed by a Cocker Spaniel. Sandy is very quiet and just wants to find a quiet place to live out her life. She is housetrained but like any dog of her age must be taken out every 4 hours or so. She has learned to use a doggie door in her foster home. She can be crated at night and after a few complaints will go right to sleep. She is deaf. This is probably the result of untreated ear infections in the past. As is the case with any Cocker her ears must be monitored.