Sparky [ADOPTED JANUARY 28] is an adorable, 7 month old, chocolate and white puppy. Hes a very typical puppy, loves to play with his foster siblings, people and toys and chew Just a very happy go lucky boy. He is crate trained and doing very well on his housetraining. If crated, he will cry if he has to go outside. He was a bit wiggly for grooming, but very good about it. He will need a crate in his forever home because hes at that point where he does want to chew all the time and will need plenty of safe things to chew on.

Sparky is a very smart little guy and knows all about doggy doors. Because hes so young, some type of obedience training would be a great benefit for him. Hes cute as a button and loves to cuddle and give kisses. Will never know how someone could give this little guy up.