Amy [ADOPTED DECEMBER 6] came in as a stray from an urban shelter. She is microchipped but her owners never registered the chip to themselves so the owners could not be located. Amy is 1-2 years old and as such acts very much like a puppy. She is housetrained and crate trained. She responds well to her name and will sit, shake and lay down for a treat. She is VERY friendly and we haven't seen any agressive behavior from her. She is very good with other dogs. She will chew up paper, kleenex, etc. if given the chance. She is a small Cocker and is field coated with beautiful amber eyes. Amy loves to play with toys and will chase a ball AND bring it back for you to throw again. She sleeps well in her crate but also loves to snuggle in bed. She also loves to snuggle on the sofa when we are watching television. Amy is good for baths and grooming. She is an all around happy girl.