Bruce [ADOPTED MARCH 24] is a 5-year-old male who came to us from a shelter. When Bruce was surrendered to the shelter, he had significant hair loss. The shelter was told that he had food allergies. For that reason the shelter called rescue. Having seen many dogs with food allergies, we felt that was not the case with Bruce. Bruce had fleas. He had a condition called flea dermatitis. He is one of those dogs that will react to the presence of even one flea on his body. They are actually allergic to them. We treated him for fleas and his coat is now growing in. He will soon be his handsome self again.

He gets along with all the dogs in his foster home and will make himself right at home in his new home. Bruce is doing well where housetraining is concerned, but at this time, I would crate him overnight or when you are gone until his trustworthiness can be determined in his new home.

Bruce is eating a nutritional dog food and this is really helping his coat. He does know his name and a few commands. I would hope that his new family does not change his name as this is all he has.