Chase [ADOPTED DECEMBER 30] is a buff, approximately 6-year-old, male who came from a Southern Illinois breeder. Though he may have been neglected, he is a loving, kind and gentle boy who loves his people, other dogs and cats. When he came into rescue he had quite a few teeth removed, and severe ear infections, but he was a trooper through it all. His chronic, untreated ears will need to have regular attention, particularly his right one, to keep them clean and healthy. No doubt quality dog food will help this situation continue to improve.

Chase is low-key, and if you are busy he will find a place to curl up and relax. He is always happy to greet you when you come in the door. Even after losing many teeth he still likes to chew on sticks! Proper chewing toys would be perfect for him. Chase is crate trained, and house trained, tho he does not have any real signals to tell you he needs to go out, so a potty schedule would be ideal for him. He does stay in his crate when his foster mom is not at home and understands the command "inside" to go in his crate.

He is learning "sit" and walking on a leash. Chase travels very well, and just returned from a month long camping trip in Colorado with his foster mom, and some of her dogs and cats.