Chester [ADOPTED APRIL 25] is a 5-year-old male who was surrendered to an animal shelter when his owner died. Chester is a very lucky boy. One of our volunteers was at the shelter picking up a Cocker when Chester was surrendered. He made sure that Chester did not have to spend even one day in a shelter. That evening he was on his way to a Shorewood foster home. Chester is housetrained and crate trained. He did miss his family for the first week or so but now is starting to enjoy his new life and plays with toys. Chester is a bigger Cocker and is a real sweetheart!

Update from Chester's Foster Mom: Chester is adjusting very well in our home. He was a bit shy at first but is now starting to show off his personality. He gets along well with his two other four-legged friends and now even enjoys running and enticing them to play with him. He loves attention!! He will crawl up in your lap or is just content with laying near you. He loves to chase a ball and likes to greet people and other dogs at the fence. He has an amazing personality and is very quiet and very content.